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All intelligent species, especially people, take care of their bodies. Most people pay a lot of attention to their looks, so they do their best to improve them.

Some might even say that we are our bodies as there is a direct connection between being young and attractive and systematic and proper body care This is particularly important for women who have always strived to appear perfect.

In addition, we would like to point out that our health depends on comprehensive and consistent body treatment. Our skin surface area ranges from 16 to 22 sq ft and has, just imagine, 2 million sweat glands, with their impressive features. Those features include sweating, skin tissue oxygen saturation, exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, etc. Due to the fact that within 24 hours an average person’s body loses from 0.1 to 0.4 gallons of sweat through the sweat glands, our skin may even be regarded as the third kidney.

Proper skin care of our body involves personal hygiene procedures and thorough self-care. What are they exactly? The concept of such care is related to broader notions and covers areas such as the use of skin personal care products, scrubs, and peels, other exfoliating products. Body care also includes such procedures as regular visits to the sauna, gym workouts, swimming pool attendance, self-massage, a set of outdoor exercises in the park or garden.

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    • anti-cellulite
    • anti-inflammatory
    • antifungal
    • at menopause
    • bleaching
    • body care
    • calming
    • cleaning
    • facial care
    • food
    • for anti-cellulite massage
    • for baths and saunas
    • for the body
    • for the face
    • for the feet
    • for washing
    • from psoriasis
    • hair care
    • hand care
    • humidification
    • in pathology of the musculoskeletal system
    • peeling
    • recovery
    • relaxing
    • strengthening
    • to correct the figure
    • used in gynecology
    • when coughing
    • with a cold
    Application group
      • children
      • men
      • women
        • antioxidants
        • collagen
        • hyaluronic acid
          • bath salt
          • baths
          • cream
          • eau de toilette
          • emulsion
          • foam
          • gel
          • hair gel
          • intimate hygiene gel
          • liquid soap
          • lotion
          • mask
          • milk
          • oil/maslo
          • sachet
          • scrub
          • sea salt
          • serum
          • shower gel
          • solid soap
            • Argital®
            • Aromatika®
            • Byphasse®
            • Detox Med®
            • Enjee®
            • Fresh Juice®
            • Langelica®
            • Melica Organic®
            • Nesti Dante®
            • O'Herbal®
            • Organic Herbs®
            • Pharmaceris®
            • Pharmacy Soap Golden-Farm®
            • Soap Treasure Shop®
            • Tar series®
            • Topicrem®
            • Weleda®
            • Zelenaya Apteka®
              • Andalou Naturals, USA
              • Argital, Italy
              • Aroma Inter, Ukraine
              • Aromika, Ukraine
              • Arosa, Ukraine
              • Ava Laboratorium, Poland
              • Babe Laboratorios, Spain
              • Beauty and Health, Ukraine
              • Beiersdorf, Germany
              • Berdous LLC, Ukraine
              • Biofarma, Ltd., Ukraine
              • Biofarmrus, Russia
              • BIOselect, Greece
              • Biotrade, Bulgaria
              • Byphasse, Spain
              • Caudalie, France
              • Ceano Cosmetics, Latvia
              • Corman Organyc, Italy
              • Cosmetex Roland, Japan
              • Coswell, Italy
              • Dead Sea Collection, Israel
              • Delta Print, Ukraine
              • Denmark, Urtekram
              • ELEY s.r.l., Italy
              • Elfa Laboratories, Ukraine
              • Elfa, Ukraine
              • Elixir, Ukraine
              • Erawadee, Thailand
              • Fito Pharma, Vietnam
              • France, Nizhi Laboratory
              • France, Sanofi-Aventis
              • Germany, Spitzner Arzneimittel GmbH
              • Golden Farm, Ukraine
              • Golden Pharm, Ukraine
              • Greece, Korres
              • Health and Beauty, Ukraine
              • India
              • India, Shivmed
              • Israel, Paloma Dead Sea Ltd
              • Italy, Nesti Dante
              • Italy, Paglieri
              • Japan, Saraya
              • Laboratorium Dr. Irena Eris, Poland
              • Laboratorium Kosmetyczne Dr. Irena Eris, Poland
              • Laboratory of Nijy, France
              • Lexima AB, Sweden
              • Madel S.p.A, Italy
              • McBride, Poland
              • Melisa Laboratorium
              • Naftalan Pharm Group, Ukraine
              • Nagara, Japan
              • Natural Cosmetics Laboratories Farmona, Poland
              • Nesti Dante, Italy
              • OOO, Remos, Ukraine
              • PhytoBioTechnology, Ukraine
              • Poland, Skarb Matki
              • Styx Naturkosmetik, Austria
              • T.V.K. Group, Ukraine
              • Ukraine, VitaminClub
              • Ukraine, Whirl
              • Weleda, Switzerland
              • Zolotonosha LCC, Ukraine
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                  Anniversary platinum 250 g Soap TM Nesti Dante

                  For its 70th anniversary, Nesti Dante has released a limited edition Luxury Platinum Soap 70th Anniversary soap, which contains precious

                  Anti-cellulite oil scrub 150 ml



                  • sea ​​salt
                  • vegetable oils (cold pressed): peach seed, jojoba
                  • essential oils: grapefruit, lavender, cypress, juniper, geranium
                  • horse chestnut oil extract
                  • vitamins A and E

                  Anti-cellulite soap for Jericho massage of 150 g

                  There are many different remedies for cellulite. One of the effective methods is massage with a specially designed anti-cellulite soap

                  Antibacterial gel for intimate hygiene with a dispenser of 250 ml

                  Lactacid Pharma Antibacterial gel – an effective tool for intimate hygiene from an Italian manufacturer. It not only cleanses the

                  Antibacterial liquid hand soap TM Nagara / Nagara refill block 300 ml

                  Liquid soap from the manufacturer Nagara is a product that will take a dominant place in your bathroom. Ideal for

                  Antibacterial liquid hand soap TM Nagara 260 ml

                  Liquid soap is an indispensable tool in every home. It is designed to cleanse the skin of the hands, fight

                  Antibacterial soap HELPIVIR, 70 g

                  We are constantly exposed to pathogenic microorganisms. Doctors and virologists say that the easiest and most effective way to reduce

                  Antibacterico Mint Liquid Soap & amp; Lime FA 300 ml

                  Liquid soap Antibacterico Mint & Lime of the famous Italian brand FELCE AZZURRA contains the latest formula with antibacterial components

                  Antibacterico Mint Liquid Soap & amp; Lime FA 750 ml

                  Liquid soap Antibacterico Mint & Lime of the famous Italian brand FELCE AZZURRA contains the latest formula with antibacterial components

                  Arau body soap-foam filler 450 ml

                  Arau body soap-foam is created on the basis of 100% natural components. Gently cleanses the skin of dirt and old

                  Arau body soap-foam of 550 ml

                  Arau body soap-foam is created on the basis of 100% natural components. Gently cleanses the skin of dirt and old

                  AtopiKontrol cleansing oil for atopic body skin TM Eucerin / Eucerin 400 ml

                  AtopiKontrol cleansing oil for atopic body skin TM Eucerin cleanses and smoothes atopic skin, relieves itching and prevents dryness. It

                  Ball for a bathroom Calendula of 110 g

                  A natural bath ball is a great way to relax and have fun after a hard day. A warm bath,

                  Ball for a bathroom the Sun of 110 g

                  A natural bath ball is a great way to relax and have fun after a hard day. A warm bath,

                  Bath and shower gel Antistress TM Bionsen 500 ml

                  Bionsen Zen Emotion Bath and Shower Gel “Antistress” bath and shower gel is a perfect harmony of elite white tea

                  Bath and shower gel Golden elixir TM Bionsen 500 ml

                  Bionsen Bath and Shower Gel Golden Elixir is a precious blend of extracts of elite black tea and vanilla, as

                  Bath and shower gel Morning tenderness TM Bionsen 500 ml

                  Bionsen Morning Tenderness Bath and Shower Gel is based on a unique formula consisting of Japanese thermal minerals and organic

                  Bath Ball Bergamot

                  When the ball dissolves, which is accompanied by a cheerful hiss, a whole complex of nutrients necessary for the health

                  Bath ball Cherry

                  The aroma of ripe cherries will bring a feeling of joy, comfort and tranquility. You will feel extraordinary lightness and

                  Bath ball Eucalyptus 110g

                  Bath ball “Eucalyptus” will help you to relax, provide you with a wonderful mood, and also restore the skin tone.

                  Bath Ball Grapefruit

                  This fresh, bitter scent tones, helps to concentrate and banish bad thoughts. After taking a bath with this ball, you

                  Bath Ball Rhapsody of Colors 110g

                  A bath with a ball “Rhapsody of Colors” has a pleasant effect on the condition of the skin. The minerals

                  Bath ball Sea surf

                  If you miss the rest and gentle sea – this ball is for you. Its fresh scent will allow you

                  Bath Ball Strawberry Cream

                  This ball smells so delicious it makes you want to eat it! But resist the temptation, dip it gently into