Unfavorable external factors, stress, malfunction of body mechanisms, lack of vitamins; all these factors have a negative impact on skin condition.

Choosing the right treatment complex is essential for a skincare routine since it helps to preserve enhance the natural beauty for many years.

Only high-quality skin care products can restore uneven skin tone and improve its overall condition, making it look healthy and radiant.

It is crucial to remember that the positive results are only seen through regular facials.

Skincare items should be selected to match your skin type and its individual features.

Changing up skincare products too frequently may result in skin damage. The more often you change the products, the harder it is for your skin to get used to ingredients, which means it takes longer for the products to bring on noticeable results.

Proper skin care is the key to staying young and beautiful.

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          • Argital®
          • Aromatika®
          • Byphasse®
          • Horse Force®
          • Krok Med®
          • Librederm®
          • Topicrem®
          • Weleda®
          • Witch Doctor®
          • Zelenaya Apteka®
            • Adwin Korea Corporation, Korea
            • Alpiflor s.r.l., Italy
            • Argital, Italy
            • Aroma Inter, Ukraine
            • Ava Laboratorium, Poland
            • Babe Laboratorios, Spain
            • Biocon, Ukraine
            • Biofarmrus, Russia
            • Biotrade, Bulgaria
            • Byphasse, Spain
            • Canada, Sante Naturelle AG Ltd
            • Cosmetex Roland, Japan
            • Country Life, USA
            • Dr. Retter, Poland
            • Elfa Laboratories, Ukraine
            • Elixir, Ukraine
            • Euro Plus, Ukraine
            • Family Doctor 2015, LLC
            • Farmakom, Ukraine
            • Fito Pharma, Vietnam
            • Fitodoctor, LLC, Ukraine
            • France, Laboratoires INELDEA, SAS
            • Greece, Korres
            • Health and Beauty, Ukraine
            • Healthyclopedia, Ukraine
            • Israel, Paloma Dead Sea Ltd
            • Laboratory of Nijy, France
            • Lak Sant, OOO (Ukraine)
            • Lexima AB, Sweden
            • Maklura, Ukraine
            • Metagenics Ink, USA/Belgium
            • Novalik-Farm, Ukraine
            • PhytoBioTechnology, Ukraine
            • Phytoformula, Ukraine
            • Pro-Pharma, Ukraine
            • Scholl, UK
            • Scholl, United Kingdom
            • Simply You Pharmaceuticals, Czech Republic
            • Sosu, Japan
            • Turkey, Vefa Ilach Sanai Ve Ticaret
            • Ukraine, Zolotonosha LCC
            • Weleda, Switzerland
            • Wooshin Labottach, South Korea
            • Zolotonosha LCC, Ukraine
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                112 Horse chestnut cream-balm 50g



                • Aqua
                • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
                • Ethylhexyl Stearate
                • Glycerin
                • Paraffinum Liquidum
                • Aesculus hippocastanum Extract
                • Troxerutin
                • Carbomer
                • Menthol
                • Trilaureth-4 Phosphate
                • Triethanolamine
                • Methylisothiazolinone (and) Methylchloroisothiazolinone (and) Dmdm Hydantion (and) Magnesium Nitrate (and) Magnesium Chloride
                • Benzyl alcohol
                • Citral
                • Eugenol
                • Cinnamal
                • Cumarin
                • Geraniol
                • Farnesol
                • Linalool
                • Citronellol

                112 Turpentine rubbing 45g



                • Petrolatum
                • Turpentine
                • Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter
                • Alba wax
                • Hydrolyzed Honey
                • Camphor
                • Abies Alba Leaf Oil
                • Phenoxyethanol
                • Benzyl Alcohol
                • Potassium Sorbate
                • Tocopherol
                • Aqua
                • Benzyl alcohol
                • Cinnamylalkohol
                • Citral
                • Eugenol
                • Benzylsalicylat
                • Cinnamal
                • Cumarin
                • Geraniol
                • Farnesol
                • Linalool
                • Citronellol
                • D-Lemon

                Active cream-balm with ginkgo biloba extract 75ml

                Inflammatory processes and swelling in the legs is a huge problem of modern society. Asset foot cream-balm has a wide

                Aerosol for feet cooling TM Happy Fit / Happy Feet mint of 70 ml

                Cooling foot spray HAPPY FEET – a great refreshing agent for tired feet. The unique formulation of the product based

                Anti-inflammatory / Antinflammation vein cream 100 ml



                horse chestnut extract
                Boswellia extract
                glycerol monostearate
                Shea Butter
                pine essential oil
                cacao butter
                fatty alcohol
                triceteareth-4 phosphate
                PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil

                Anti-varicose gel Escus gel of 75 ml

                Escus gel is a venotonic, a combined product containing herbal substances, based on chestnut, Asian centella and blueberries. Horse chestnut

                Antifungal foot spray HAPPY FEET (Tea Tree) 70 ml

                HAPPY FEET antifungal foot spray is an effective product that can be used as an ambulance for fungal skin lesions.

                Antiperspirant spray for long-acting feet Biotrade ODOREX 50 ml

                Long-acting antiperspirant foot spray is intended for people with excessive sweating and unpleasant foot odor. After one use stops sweating

                Asset cream-balm with medical leech extract 75ml

                Good blood flow in the veins provides healthy legs and opportunities to lead an active lifestyle. Asset cream-balm with medical

                Badiaga powder 5g

                Badiaga (Spongilla lacustris), is a representative of the type of sponges (Spongia) and belongs to the group of silicon sponges

                Badiaga with medicinal leech extract gel 75ml

                The basis of the gel "Badyaga with medicinal leech extract" is a combination of badyaga, leech and extracts of horse chestnut and sea buckthorn.

                Bischofite Poltava Heel gel 75 ml

                Bischofite Poltava Heel Gel – an effective tool for the care of rough skin of the feet. The active ingredient

                Capillary cream-balm 75ml

                Description: The most valuable component of this cream-balm is dihydroquercetin, a bioflavonoid of Siberian larch. This is one of the

                Complex set Krok Med / Krok Med 4in1

                The Croc Honey 4in1 set includes 4 balms that will give your feet lightness, beauty and health. Complete set of

                Complex set Krok Med / Krok Med 6in1

                The “KROK MED 6 in 1” set includes 6 balms that will give your feet lightness, beauty and health. You

                Cosmetic deodorant oil for feet 30 ml


                Ingredients :

                vegetable oils (cold pressed):  avocado, almond, grape seed
                essential oils:  tea tree, lemon, thuja, marigold, hyssop, marjoram oil extracts:  calendula, chamomile, aloe
                vitamins A and E

                Cosmetic oil for cracked legs 30 ml


                Ingredients :

                vegetable oils (cold pressed):  peach, avocado, wheat germ
                essential oils:  cypress, geranium, lavender
                chestnut oil extract
                vitamins A and E

                Cosmetic oil For the prevention of feeling of heaviness in the legs 30 ml


                Ingredients :

                vegetable oils (cold pressed):  almond, avocado, grape seed
                essential oils:  lemon, cypress, geranium
                oil extracts:  chestnut, chamomile, sea buckthorn
                vitamins A and E

                Cream based on thuja and hazel TM Arzhital / Argital 75 ml



                • water
                • polyglyceryl-6 distearate
                • jojoba oil
                • cetyl alcohol
                • ethanol*
                • glycerol
                • olive oil
                • wheat germ oil*
                • Potassium Palmitoyl Hydralized Wheat Protein *
                • glyceryl stearate
                • cetearyl alcohol
                • thuja oil
                • witch hazel extract
                • butcher's broom extract
                • horse chestnut extract
                • St. John's wort oil *
                • peppermint oil *
                • clove oil
                • lavender oil *
                • olibanum oil
                • myrrh extract
                • cypress oil
                • green clay
                • styrax extract
                • barberry extract *
                • xanthan gum
                • lactic acid
                • lemon
                • linalool
                • citronellol
                • geraniol
                  * ingredients from ecologically clean agricultural lands. All products are based on scientific research and confirmed by international quality marks.

                Cream for veins decongestant Hirudo / Hirudo 100 ml



                medicinal leech extract
                ginkgo biloba extract
                glycerol monostearate
                fatty alcohol
                corn oil
                triceteareth-4 phosphate

                Cream-balm Good course deodorizing 40 ml

                Fungal foot disease is very common, according to statistics, it affects every fifth inhabitant of the planet. Most often, the

                Cream-balm on the basis of gel Venotonus of 75 ml

                The effectiveness of Venotonus cream-balm is based on natural ingredients such as mummy, leech extract, golden mustache and macula, horse

                Cream-balm with medical leech extract 75ml

                Alternative medicine has now captured the attention of many, because in our age of artificial supplements treatment with herbs and