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    • anti-inflammatory
    • at menopause
    • humidification
    • in diseases of the prostate gland
    • normalization of intestinal microflora
    • tonic
    • used in gynecology
    • used in urology
    Application group
      • men
      • women
        • capsules
        • powder
        • sachet
        • tablets
          • BoViOS farm, Ukraine
          • Bulgaria, Tomil Herb
          • Choice, Ukraine
          • Element of health, Ukraine
          • Erawadee, Thailand
          • Farm.M.Forti, Ukraine
          • Jadran, Croatia
          • Laboratorios Liconsa, S.A, Spain
          • Metagenics Ink, USA/Belgium
          • Novalik-Farm, Ukraine
          • Nutrimed, Ukraine
          • Poland, Polpharma
          • Schonen, Switzerland
            • Bulgaria
            • Croatia
            • Poland
            • Spain
            • Switzerland
            • Thailand
            • Ukraine
            • USA
            • USA/Belgium
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              Bioline female capsule complex № 30

              It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action Provides nutritional support to the female reproductive system Promotes the normalization of hormonal

              Cyclonorm 500 mg tablets №120

              Cyclonorm normalizes the cycle, ovarian function and eliminates the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, such as irritability, headaches and constipation, swelling

              Cystofemin 500 mg tablets №120

              Cystofemin normalizes ovarian function and strengthens the fallopian tubes. It has an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, tonic effect. With the help of

              Declimance 400 mg capsules №30

              Declimance – a dietary supplement recommended for use in various gynecological diseases associated with hormonal imbalance, menstrual disorders (dysmenorrhea, algodysmenorrhea),

              Depapilin capsules 420 mg №30

              A new dietary supplement Depapilin is recommended to normalize the hormonal adjustment of a woman’s body, reduce the risk of

              Depapilin capsules 420 mg №60

              Depapilin – a food supplement, an additional source of biologically active substances of plant origin, which affect the metabolism of

              Ecobiol BV capsules №20

              Ecobiol BV a great way to get rid of two types of dysbacteriosis at once. Ecobiol BV recommended primarily for

              Femin 500 mg tablets №120

              Femin is a herbal medicine that is used in the complex treatment of all forms of uterine fibroids, frequent uterine

              Femirosis capsule №30

              Femiroz® is a natural non-hormonal herbal preparation based on natural extracts and vitamins. It has a high pharmacological activity, which

              Gynocline 400 mg capsules №60

              Gynocline helps to normalize the menstrual cycle, prevents and alleviates the symptoms that accompany premenstrual syndrome, normalizes the physiological menstrual

              Indomirol capsules №30

              Indomirol is a complex of balanced natural estrogens, the activity of which helps to normalize the hormonal balance in the

              Kandivak capsules №30

              Fungi of the genus Candida live in the human body almost constantly, but under certain conditions they can create a

              Libifem tablets №30

              Libifem is a dietary supplement, a source of biologically active substances of natural origin, designed to support vaginal lubrication in

              Mammoclin 400 mg №60

              Mammoclin helps normalize prolactin secretion, reduces the proliferative activity of breast tissues, reduces breast edema and their response to the

              Meta l3C® (Meta Ai Tri Si) 60 capsules

              Meta l3C® contains only natural ingredients and helps to normalize the balance of estrogen in the body. Thanks to indole-3-carbinol,

              Milko Ker tablets №30

              Milko Ker dietary supplement is created on the basis of ancient recipes of Ayurveda and uses only natural ingredients in

              Phytolysin Active capsules 575 mg №10

              Phytolysin Active is a product that combines two components: a highly concentrated cranberry extract, which is standardized for the content

              SteroBalance 70 g

              SteroBalance – will help improve the condition of the female reproductive system, restore the balance of estrogens in the body.

              Turbiotic thrush sachet №10

              Thrush – a violation of the microflora – a common problem that worries most women. It is often very difficult

              Vagisan capsules No. 15



              1 capsule oral preparation Vagisan contains:
              Live bacteria Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14 - 41 mg;
              Live bacteria Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 - 10 mg;
              The total number of living bacteria is not less than 1x109 CFU.
              Additional substances, including glucose.

              Van Chuk Mod Onion for women Wan Chuk Mod Look capsules № 100

              Wan Chuk Mod Look is an effective natural drug Erawadee for the treatment of common diseases of the female genital