Healing Herb Seeds

Medicinal plants have served mankind for centuries. When most drugs were not yet developed, people used exceptionally broth, herbal infusions, extracts from plants, as treatment. Herbalists are the practitioners who are familiar with specific benefits herbs have on particular ailments; the job of an herbalist has been highly respected. Those specialists connected themselves to the natural world and believed that nature itself takes care of all life on earth and has a cure for any disease, a person just needs to find it. Harvesting herbs has become an exciting activity that could only be carried out by professionals who had sufficient knowledge to do so. The raw materials were either thoroughly processed and dried or stored. Such preparation methods were widely used by traditional healers to cure any disease.

Through age selection, the most effective herbal collections have emerged, which later have formed the basis of traditional herbal medicine. Although all pharmacies have a list of various medications available, herbal and seed treatments remain relevant. This is related to the high efficiency, safety, and affordability of natural remedies.

Medicinal herbs: heal yourself naturally

Prescriptions for the treatment of various diseases are passed down from generation to generation; they can be found in special books, magazines, newspapers, and, nowadays, online. Aloe on the windowsill or dried herbs for culinary use are available in almost every house. Thus, popular plants for tea are dried chamomile, lemon balm, calendula, lime blossom, St. John’s wort, or salvia. Herbal medicine is becoming increasingly popular from a financial point of view, as the prices of official medication are constantly rising. Herbs are used both for indoor and outdoor applications. Herbal infusions and plant-based broth are effective for treating various diseases. Herbal baths and compresses are also very common. Medicinal herbs are useful to get rid of the acute conditions of the disease, as well as prevent chronic diseases and keep the body in shape. Popular herbs and their medicinal uses:

  • motherwort, hawthorn, lemon balm, lovage, yarrow, St. John’s wort are used to improve the cardiovascular health
  • Acorus, birch, oregano, lemon balm, juniper, wormwood, chamomile, eucalyptus have an antiviral effect
  • chamomile, Japanese pagoda tree, blueberry, galangal, wormwood, mint, yarrow, salvia, are used for digestive disorders
  • mint, lemon balm, oregano, hops, valerian root, have a sedative effect and are used for treating insomnia
  • Panax, Siberian ginseng, rose, dandelion, viburnum, strawberry, chicory, are used to strengthen the immune system.

Herbal supplements: benefits and harms

If you have no idea what to buy at the pharmacy, opt for herbs. These are the herbs, preliminary sorted for various medical purposes, which are carefully selected by experts. Ready-made herbal supplements for the liver will considerably facilitate and speed up the recovering process. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that, as with any medicine, if used incorrectly, in the best-case scenario the herbs may not work, and in the worst case, may even harm. In order to get the benefits from the infusion or decoction, it is necessary to strictly follow the prescription, adhere to the terms of prescription and recommended lifestyle, using the medicine for its intended purpose at dosing intervals. It is true that popular herbs for detox therapies can trigger vomiting or diarrhea if taken incorrectly. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that for some people herbs and seeds can cause an allergic reaction, that is why an allergy test to determine a specific plant allergen should be conducted prior to starting the treatment.

Medicinal herbs

Herbalsbay online store offers medicinal herbs for any purpose, sorted into categories for convenience. You may order a supplement to nourish your body, taking into account the development of nutraceuticals and pharma industries, because most of our supplements contain ingredients of natural origin. We ship to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries.

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              Coconut tea with ginger and turmeric Natur Boutique №20

              Natural coconut tea with ginger and cinnamon from the Vietnamese brand Phyto Pharma will help to get the effect of

              Draining BIO-tea Caudalie anti-cellulite program 30 g (20 packs)

              A delicious combination of five useful organic plants: cinnamon, blueberries, red vine, sweet orange peel and black currant, makes this

              Drink broth from dried mushrooms Shiitake Fuji Shokuhin 2 g

              The most valuable and rich in useful components of the mushroom of the East – Shiitake. It is often added

              Drink broth Kombutya Fuji Shokuhin 2 g

              Kombucha clear drink tastes more like broth than tea. Powder is made from edible seaweed kombu (kelp). It resembles Dasha

              Drink broth Ume Kombutya Fuji Shokuhin 2 g

              Kombucha clear drink tastes more like broth than tea. Powder is made from edible seaweed kombu (kelp). It resembles Dasha

              Melissa 1.5g №20

              Melissa (lemon mint, lemongrass, royal jelly, incense, honeysuckle, apiary and papaya grass) – a dietary supplement to the diet, improves

              Mint 1.5g №20

              Peppermint herbal tea – a dietary supplement to the diet, which helps to normalize the functioning of the digestive system,

              Nefrolesan herbal tea No. 5 (renal) No. 20 1, 5g each



              • horsetail herb
              • elderberry flowers
              • knotweed herb
              • dog-rose fruit
              • dandelion roots
              • St. John's wort herb
              • corn silk
              • chamomile flowers
              • calamus roots

              Shiitake broth drink from dried mushrooms Fuji Shokuhin 40 g

              Shiitake is a favorite mushroom of the East. It is added to food, made into powders and teas, used for

              Zhaogulan tea (southern ginseng) Natur Boutique №20

              Zhaogulan is known in China as the five-leafed gynostem, and as sweet tea grapes and southern ginseng. The latter name