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Aromatherapy is one of the forms of modern alternative medicine combining the use of essential oils and other aromatic plant compounds to improve mood and daily function.

Oils provide psycho-emotional balance, including better sleep. Aromatherapy tones the body, relieves stress, helps treat a wide range of diseases, and overcome fatigue.

Aromatherapy is used as a treatment for weight loss, better sleep, massage, as well as to promote hair health, has unique healing properties to ease cold symptoms and various diseases while scenting the room.

What are the health benefits of essential oils?

  1. Antiviral properties (cedar, juniper berry, geranium, tea tree, lemon, pine).
  2. Healing properties to reduce fever (bergamot, peppermint oil).
  3. Properties against heart disease (hyssop, rosemary oils).
  4. Antiseptic properties (essential oils of pine, cedar, juniper, geranium, tea tree).
  5. Improved blood flow (essential oils of salvia, lemon, geranium, eucalyptus).
  6. Improved appetite and digestion (orange, cinnamon, bergamot, sway oils).
  7. Gastrointestinal tract healing (fennel, dill oils).
  8. Choleretic effect (chamomile, fennel, rose, orange, rosemary oils).
  9. Diuretic effect (eucalyptus, lemon, salvia, pine oils).
  10. Anthelmintic properties (thyme oil).
  11. Relaxing effect (lavender, neroli oils).
  12. Improved sex drive (bergamot, geranium, jasmine, cinnamon, myrrh, ylang-ylang, vanilla, ginger, and sweet william oils).

How to use essential oils?

Aroma oils, aroma lamps, and aroma diffusers are super-convenient to use around the home in order to practice aromatherapy at home.

Aroma oils are the products of miraculous health-giving properties. There are synthetic and natural oils. Synthetic ones are mostly used as fragrances for home, bed linens, clothes, and massage therapy. Natural aromatic oils have healing properties offering many health benefits.

Essential oils can be used for massage, inhalations, baths, compresses, etc.

Aroma Diffuser is an evaporation device for aromatic liquids without heating them. It is designed to spread a scent so that it occupies any space.

Aroma diffusers will create a cozy space in your room by filling it with pleasant floral, citrus, or any other scent you like. Besides, this device can enhance your workflow when placed in your workspace. The best scent option for the office would be citrus.

Plus to aroma diffusers and aroma lamps, there are also aroma sprays as home fragrance.

Aroma sprays are products based on essential oils, ideal to give a lasting scent to your bed linens, underwear, curtains, drawers, or other stuff.

Increasing demand for aroma diffusers and aroma oils among consumers has occurred due to being versatile in use; they can be used both at home and in the office. Also, such devices would make for great presents for any holiday.

The products of top well-known brands are presented in the Aromatherapy section. Here you will be provided all the important information on various aroma diffusers, essential and beauty oils, as well as aroma sprays to boost your immune system and mood.

In our Herbalsbay online store ,you can purchase aroma diffusers, oils, and aroma sprays at great prices with shipping anywhere in the world.

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Aromatherapy Frequently Asked Questions

 What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a way of healing a person’s overall state by using scents.

 Does aromatherapy really work?

Essential oils used in aromatherapy have the same properties as the plants from which they are derived, providing an even greater effect.


Aromatherapy consistently enhances the mood, improves your health, fills the room with a pleasant fragrance, prevents and even treats many health conditions.


 What are its benefits?

The scent of flowers, herbs, and trees is most commonly attributed to the presence of essential oils in plants. These substances have a powerful healing effect and often help people to restore fragile mental health and regain physical function.

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              Air purifier spray 77 NutriExpert® essential oils, 125 ml

              The quality of the air that surrounds us is of great importance for health and well-being. Unfortunately, in closed or

              Aromaspray against the smell of tobacco smoke indoors Orange-grapefruit 100 ml



              • ethyl alcohol denatured (68.0% by volume)
              • distilled water
              • PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil
              • orange essential oil
              • grapefruit essential oil

              Aromaspray for air aromatization “Lavender dreams”, 100 ml

              Aroma spray “Lavender Dreams”, 100 ml is designed to flavor the air, bed linen and pillows. Lavender essential oil has

              Aromasprey against the odor of animals in the house Tea tree-lemon 100 ml



              • ethyl alcohol denatured (volume fraction 68.0 + 2%)
              • distilled water
              • PET-40 hydrogenated castor oil
              • lemon essential oil
              • tea tree essential oil

              Aromasprey against unpleasant odor in the kitchen Vanilla-lemon 100 ml



              • ethyl alcohol denatured (volume fraction 68.0 + 2%)
              • distilled water
              • PET-40 hydrogenated castor oil
              • lemon essential oil
              • Vanilla absolute essential oil

              Bio spray mist to improve sleep NutriExpert®, 100 ml

              It is known that more than a third of people in one way or another suffer from various disorders of