Unfavorable external factors, stress, malfunction of body mechanisms, lack of vitamins; all these factors have a negative impact on skin condition.

Choosing the right treatment complex is essential for a skincare routine since it helps to preserve enhance the natural beauty for many years.

Only high-quality skin care products can restore uneven skin tone and improve its overall condition, making it look healthy and radiant.

It is crucial to remember that the positive results are only seen through regular facials.

Skincare items should be selected to match your skin type and its individual features.

Changing up skincare products too frequently may result in skin damage. The more often you change the products, the harder it is for your skin to get used to ingredients, which means it takes longer for the products to bring on noticeable results.

Proper skin care is the key to staying young and beautiful.

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              Alum potassium 50 g

              Potassium alum, found in nature is a sulfate mineral compound also known as a mineral salt. Alum is a crystal

              Bognyuka mineral Kuyalnytska 1 l

              Kuyalnik’s sulfide-silt mud is extracted from the estuary near Odessa and due to its unique healing properties has long been

              Bognyuka mineral Kuyalnytska 300ml

              Mineral mineral Kuyalnytska is mined in a unique place – Kuyalnyk estuary near Odessa. It is a sulfate-sludge substance that

              Mineral mud Berdyansk 160 ml

              Mineral mud Berdyansk – is a prepared sulfide-silt mud, which is extracted from several deposits: in Berdyansk, Slavyansk, Kuyalnik and

              Mineral mud Berdyansk 300 ml

              Mineral mud Berdyansk – sulfate-sludge substance, a safe and effective tool used in balneotherapy. Due to the complex chemical composition,

              Mineral mud Kuyalnytska 160 ml

              Kuyalnytska mineral mud is a sulfide-silt complex from prepared mud (cleaned of traumatic inclusions), which is extracted in several Ukrainian

              Mud mineral Berdyansk 1 l

              Medicinal Berdyansk mud is a unique substance extracted from mud deposits located 5 km from Berdyansk. It is a complex

              Naturextrin Loquat Gel Health Health 60 ml

              Naturextrin Loquat Pure Skin Gel is an excellent tool for skin care not only of the face but also of

              Naturextrin Muscat Anti-Eczema Gel, 60 ml

              To eliminate various skin problems, as well as some joint dysfunctions, the Bolotov Center has developed a new drug –

              Novoderm cream for skin of a tube of 75 ml

              For the care of problem skin prone to dermatitis of various etiologies, dermatoses, psoriasis, herpes zoster, ichthyosis and xerosis, for

              Slag Slavic mineral 1 l

              Slovyanska therapeutic mud is a unique combination of mineral and organic substances that has a complex effect on the whole

              Slovyanskaya mineral mud 160ml

              Slovyanska therapeutic mud is a sulfide-sludge substance extracted from the lakes of the Slovyanska River (Ukraine). It has high plasticity,

              Slovyanskaya mineral mud 300ml

              Slovyanskaya mineral mud is extracted from the bottom of the unique Slovyanskaya lakes, is a sulfate-sludge substance that has a

              Toning lotion 500 ml

              Toning lotion based on the rich mineral formula of mud, which is extracted in Berdyansk, Slovyansk, Kuyalnik and Saki, has