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All intelligent species, especially people, take care of their bodies. Most people pay a lot of attention to their looks, so they do their best to improve them.

Some might even say that we are our bodies as there is a direct connection between being young and attractive and systematic and proper body care This is particularly important for women who have always strived to appear perfect.

In addition, we would like to point out that our health depends on comprehensive and consistent body treatment. Our skin surface area ranges from 16 to 22 sq ft and has, just imagine, 2 million sweat glands, with their impressive features. Those features include sweating, skin tissue oxygen saturation, exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, etc. Due to the fact that within 24 hours an average person’s body loses from 0.1 to 0.4 gallons of sweat through the sweat glands, our skin may even be regarded as the third kidney.

Proper skin care of our body involves personal hygiene procedures and thorough self-care. What are they exactly? The concept of such care is related to broader notions and covers areas such as the use of skin personal care products, scrubs, and peels, other exfoliating products. Body care also includes such procedures as regular visits to the sauna, gym workouts, swimming pool attendance, self-massage, a set of outdoor exercises in the park or garden.

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          • Caudalie, France
          • Elixir, Ukraine
          • Euro Plus, Ukraine
          • France, Laboratoires INELDEA, SAS
          • Lak Sant, OOO (Ukraine)
          • Natural Cosmetics Laboratories Farmona, Poland
          • PhytoBioTechnology, Ukraine
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              Anti-cellulite agent for body elasticity Turbo Slim Nivelazione 200 ml

              Anti-cellulite body elasticity Turbo Slim Nivelazione from the Polish manufacturer of innovative products for body care Pharmon significantly increases your

              Anti-cellulite means for weight loss Turbo Slim Nivelazione of 200 ml

              Anti-cellulite for weight loss Turbo Slim Nivelazione – an innovative drug based on the use of acids as an active

              Anti-cellulite tightening cream-gel Liporeduction massage system 200 ml

              Lipo-reducing and lipolytic action, which helps prevent the formation of cellulite and “orange peel”, while strengthening the skin. The combined

              Breast care set

              The breast, like any other human organ, secretes toxins during operation. People whose bodies are full of toxins are more

              Concentrate anti-cellulite draining for the body Caudalie 75 ml

              Caudalie anti-cellulite body drainage concentrate makes the skin more elastic, smooth, soft and velvety. Its formula helps to eliminate extra

              Concentrate anti-cellulite for skin elasticity (cooling) Nivelazione 200 ml

              The concentrate contains a unique set of ingredients that intensively stimulate fat burning and prevent its appearance. Innovative anti-cellulite product

              Concentrate anti-cellulite for weight loss (warming) Nivelazione 200 ml

              Specially selected composition intensively promotes the removal of lipids. Peptides accumulate in the deep layers of the skin, actively model

              Fitness body Lifting massage cream 100ml

              The fast-lifting cream will help to put the body in order to look chic on the beach or in the

              Fitness body serum for bust lift 100ml

              A beautiful bust with smooth elastic skin is quite an achievable dream. It is enough to regularly take care of

              Intensive oil-based stretch mark cream 200 ml

              Babe Laboratorios Intensive Stretch Mark Cream (Babe Laboratorios) based on oils helps prevent and reduce stretch marks caused by diet,

              L-carnitine with barberry gel 75 ml Europlus

              Weakening of skin tone, uneven deposition of subcutaneous fat, stagnation in the lymph can lead to cellulite. The usual locations

              Mud applications anti-cellulite set of 6 pcs.

              Mineral mud is an effective natural remedy that allows you to quickly get rid of excess weight, toxins and toxins,

              Plaster for weight loss of TM Effiness of 12 pieces

              Slimming patch? Isn’t that what you’ve always dreamed of? Just attach a comfortable strip to the right part of the

              Remedy for stretch marks Turbo Slim Nivelazione 150ml

              Turbo Slim Nivelazione contains a series of acids that quickly penetrate the epidermis, providing a tightening and modeling effect. The

              Tightening body sculpting cream Bioselect with coffee bean extract 150 ml

              The tightening cream-sculptor was developed by the Greek company Bioselect to improve the condition of the figure. This natural body

              Turbo Slim Nivelazione breast tightening serum of 120 ml

              Turbo Slim Nivelazione 200 ml anti-cellulite tightening agent is an innovative product of Pharmon (Poland), which visually corrects the shape