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    • facial care
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          • Adwin Korea Corporation, Korea
          • Alcon, USA
          • Aomi, South Korea
          • Ava Laboratorium, Poland
          • Babe Laboratorios, Spain
          • Beiersdorf, Germany
          • Biofarmrus, Russia
          • BIOselect, Greece
          • Caudalie, France
          • China
          • Dr. Theiss Naturvaren, Germany
          • Elfa, Ukraine
          • Farmak, Ukraine
          • Fito Pharma, Vietnam
          • Fitoria, Ukraine
          • France, Nizhi Laboratory
          • Geltec, Russia
          • Greece, Korres
          • Health and Beauty, Ukraine
          • Korea, Lindsay
          • Korea, Ovaco
          • Korea, Purederm
          • Korea, Rootree
          • OOO, Remos, Ukraine
          • Oxford BioLabs, UK
          • Pharmea, Ukraine
          • Ukraine, VitaminClub
          • Unimed Pharma, Slovakia
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            • France
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              Activator of youth Serum around eyes for sensitive skin with soothing effect of 15 ml

              Extremely active serum is recommended for sensitive skin around the eyes. Gives relief and pleasantly cools the skin. Aloe vera

              Activator of youth serum around the eyes active lifting 15 ml

              Velvet serum around the eyes for skin with reduced tone, with visible wrinkles, which requires intensive care. Liftonin® -Xpress is

              Activator of youth serum around the eyes active regeneration 15 ml

              Unique contour serum for eyes. Contains gold nanoparticles to regenerate and biostimulate and slow down skin aging. In combination with

              Anti-aging cream for the skin around the eyes Rootree 20 g

              The cream from the Korean manufacturer Rootree is based on natural ingredients, it gently cares for the skin around the

              Anti-aging eye cream Volumlift TM Eucerin / Eucerin 15 ml

              Anti-aging eye contour cream Volumlift TM Eutserin for all skin types prevents the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin caused

              BIOselect anti-wrinkle eye cream 30 ml

              BIOselect Wrinkle Eye Cream with Dictamelia®, Fern Extract and Alfalfa provides careful care for the delicate skin around the eyes

              Blefaklin sterile wipes for daily hygiene №20

              Blefaklin made in France – sterile wipes, an effective and safe tool for daily eyelid hygiene and sensitive eye skin.

              Blepharo Lotion for the care of the eyelids 15g



              • Hemodes (polyvinylpyrrolidone)
              • Witch hazel extract
              • Chamomile extract
              • Green tea extract

              Blepharogel 1 gel ophthalmic 15g



              • hyaluronic acid
              • Aloe Vera juice
              • glycerol
              • propylene glycol
              • carbomer
              • methylparaben
              • deionized water

              Blepharogel 2 gel ophthalmic 15g



              • hyaluronic acid
              • Aloe Vera juice
              • glycerol
              • propylene glycol
              • carbomer
              • methylparaben
              • propylparaben
              • deionized water

              Concentrate that reduces dark circles under the eyes 15 ml

              Concentrate from the Polish company Ava Laboratorium is designed to care for the delicate skin around the eyes and eliminate

              Cream for the skin around the eyes series RESISTHYAL ™ TM PHARMEA 20 ml

              Eye cream from the RESISTHYAL серії series made by TM PHARMEA is specially developed for all skin types. It contains

              Cream-care for the skin around the eyes TM Pharma Hyaluron / Pharma Hyaluron 15 ml

              Cream-care protects delicate skin from premature aging, restores cells. The light consistency is quickly absorbed and does not leave a

              Cucumber mask for tired eyes Korres / Korres 8 ml

              A mask for delicate skin under the eyes with cucumber extract from Korres, which effectively removes any signs of fatigue,

              Cysteine ​​eye moisturizer gel solution 10 ml

              Cysteine ​​gel eye drops are a unique ophthalmic preparation from the group of rehydrators, developed in the form of a

              Cysteine ​​Ultra eye moisturizer 10 ml

              Cysteine ​​Ultra Eye Drops is a unique ophthalmic drug from the group of rehydrators used to moisturize the eyes. It

              Dermatology Vitamin C firming cream around the eyes TM Libriderm / Librederm 15 ml

              A distinctive feature of the firming cream for thin skin around the eyes is vitamin C in lipid form. This

              Dr.Sante Goji Age Control cream for the skin around the eyes ultra-lifting 55+ 15ml

              Ultralifting eye cream is a unique product with an ultralifting effect, which provides comprehensive care and unsurpassed results in the

              Dr.Sante Goji Age Control eye cream 25-35 15ml

              Dr.Sante Goji Age Control cream is designed specifically for delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes, the structure of which

              Dr.Sante Goji Age Control eye cream with collagen 45+ 15ml

              Dr.Sante Goji Age Control 45+ cream will significantly reduce the depth of wrinkles in the corners of the eyes. Gives

              Dr.Sante Oily Rich Eye Cream 15 ml

              Dr.Sante Oily Rich cream with a complex of oils will be an ideal remedy for thin delicate skin around the

              Eye and lip cream against facial wrinkles with SYN-AKE Element 30 ml

              The skin around the eyes and lips requires careful care, especially in the fight against facial wrinkles. The unique combination

              Eye contour cream with hyaluronic acid and organic green tea TM Natur Boutique 30 ml

              Natur Boutique Eye Cream is an effective care product that contains hyaluronic acid and ingredients of natural origin: organic neroli

              Eye cream 35+ series ANTI AGE 20 ml PHARMEA

              The cream contains an innovative complex of tetrapeptides (REPLEXIUM), which has clinically proven effectiveness in combating both age and facial