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    • anti-inflammatory
    • antiparasitic
    • cardiovascular
    • for weight correction
    • improving memory and brain function
    • in diseases of the pancreas
    • liver and gallbladder diseases
    • lowering cholesterol
    • nervous system support
    • normalization of intestinal microflora
    • prevention of gastritis and peptic ulcer
    • recovery
    • sorbents
    • to cleanse the body
    • tonic
    Application group
      • children
        • antioxidants
        • trace elements
        • vitamins with trace elements
          • capsules
          • powder
          • sachet
          • solutions
          • tablets
            • Solgar®
            • Vita-Supradyn®
            • Vitabiotics®
            • Walmark®
              • A.L.P.S., Austria1
              • Alpiflor s.r.l., Italy
              • Bayer, Germany
              • Biodeal Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., India
              • Bluebonnet Nutrition, USA
              • BoViOS farm, Ukraine
              • Bulgaria, World Medicine
              • Canada, Sante Naturelle AG Ltd
              • Choice, Ukraine
              • Country Life, USA
              • Element of health, Ukraine
              • Erawadee, Thailand
              • Euro Plus, Ukraine
              • Farm.M.Forti, Ukraine
              • France, Laboratoires INELDEA, SAS
              • Germany, The Nutri Store
              • Healthyway Production Inc, USA
              • India, Shivmed
              • India, Wardhman Healthcare
              • Laboratorios Liconsa, S.A, Spain
              • Metagenics Ink, USA/Belgium
              • Natrol, USA
              • Now Foods, USA
              • Nutrimed, Ukraine
              • Odessa Biotechnology, Ukraine
              • Solgar, USA
              • Vitabiotics, United Kingdom
              • Walmark, Czech Republic
              • Zdravofarm Ukraine
                • Austria
                • Bulgaria
                • Canada
                • Czech Republic
                • France
                • Germany
                • India
                • Italy
                • Spain
                • Thailand
                • Ukraine
                • United Kingdom
                • USA
                • USA/Belgium
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                  AdvaClear (Adva Clear) 126 tablets

                  AdvaClear® is the latest product of functional nutrition, which helps to quickly cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. AdvaClear

                  Artizhel solution drain 10 ml №20

                  Artizhel is a natural combined herbal remedy with a strong hepatoprotective effect. Its regular use helps to eliminate stagnation in

                  Breakblock capsules of 400 mg №30

                  Breakblock is a dietary supplement that cleanses the intestines of poisons, toxins, toxins and fecal stones, activates intestinal motility, enhances

                  Chitosan plus 400 mg capsules №30

                  Chitosan plus is designed to detoxify the body, adsorbs and removes heavy metal salts, radionuclides, chemical dyes, preservatives, medicines that

                  Cholestol tablets №60

                  Cholestol contains free phytosterols of plant origin, which, due to their similar chemical structure, easily displace LDL from the blood

                  Cleanhelp capsules 400mg №30

                  Clinhelp is a dietary supplement for global cleansing of the body at the cellular level. Taking Clinhelp capsules cleanses the

                  Complex for Detoxification of the Liver Targeted Choice Bluebonnet Nutrition 30 herbal capsules

                  Liver Detoxification Complex Targeted Choice Bluebonnet Nutrition is a dietary supplement to support the liver. The product contains milk thistle

                  Complex for liver detoxification Targeted Choice Bluebonnet Nutrition 60 capsules

                  Targeted Choice Bluebonnet Liver Detoxification Complex is formulated with a unique blend of amino acids and plant extracts to support

                  Detoxhills tablets №30

                  Detoxhills is a special natural formula for gently cleansing the body of toxins and toxins. It provides comprehensive support, improves

                  Detoxil tablets No. 30


                  The composition of one Detoxil tablet:

                  • artichoke extract 25 mg
                  • grapefruit extract 25 mg
                  • dandelion extract 25 mg
                  • N-acetylcysteine ​​15 mg
                  • L-methionine 20 mg;
                  • phosphatidylcholine 5 mg
                  • vitamin A 200 mcg
                  • vitamin D 2.5 μg
                  • vitamin E 15 mg
                  • vitamin C 60 mg
                  • vitamin B1 (thiamine) 6 mg
                  • vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 2.5 mg
                  • vitamin B3 (niacin) 13.5 mg
                  • vitamin B6 5 mg;
                  • folic acid 200 mcg
                  • vitamin B12 10 μg
                  • biotin 15 mcg
                  • pantothenic acid 25 mg
                  • iron 2.5 mg
                  • magnesium 25 mg
                  • zinc 7.5 mg
                  • iodine 100 mcg
                  • manganese 2 mg
                  • copper 0.5 mg
                  • selenium 60 mcg
                  • beta-carotene 1 mg

                  Engilen hard capsules №30

                  Engilen is a dietary supplement for complex liver support in cases of toxic tissue damage, including alcohol, dyspepsia, postcholecystectomy syndrome

                  Essenciol capsules №30

                  Dietary supplement Essentiol TM is a complex product based on phospholipids, extracts of calendula flowers, milk thistle fruits and corn

                  Extract from the leaves of the Artichoke capsule No. 60, Solgar / Solgar®

                  The artichoke has been known as a medicinal plant since ancient times. Artichoke leaves contain a large amount of biologically

                  Fortificate forte capsule №30

                  Essential phospholipids are an excellent solution for maintaining liver health. They help preserve the structure of liver cells and repair

                  HepaCare Nutranex tablets №30

                  HepaCare contains the most important B vitamins, as well as three important components (N-Acetyl cysteine, L-Ornithine L-Aspartate (LOLA), Silymarin) to

                  Hepacord 4 g sachet №30

                  Hepacord is intended for the prevention of diseases and complications caused by disorders of detoxification function of the body. The

                  Hepagen capsules №30

                  Hepagen is a dietary supplement designed to support liver function and improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. It contains

                  Hepahels tablets №90

                  Hepahels – a new food supplement, hepatoprotector on a natural basis, recommended to support the liver. The drug contains a

                  Hepatomunil capsules №30

                  Hepatomunil is used in dietary diets to create optimal dietary conditions for the functioning of the liver, biliary tract and

                  Hepatovid capsule N30

                  Gepatovid is a complex Ayurvedic drug with a wide range of pharmacological and therapeutic effects for hepatobiliary system disorders. It

                  I hom powder 50 g

                  Natural universal absorbent, based on natural ingredients, perfectly helps with food and alcohol poisoning. Ya Hom relieves hangover syndrome by

                  Lecithin 1200 mg Now Foods 200 gelatin capsules

                  Lecithin from Now Foods provides phospholipids, which are important components of biological membranes. Membranes in turn support cognitive and cardiovascular