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    • anti-inflammatory
    • antiviral
    • in pathology of the musculoskeletal system
    • strengthening
    • tonic
    • when coughing
    • with a cold
    • with nose problems
    • with throat problems
    Application group
      • children
        • balm
        • capsules
        • chewable tablets
        • cream
        • drops
        • lollipops
        • mustard plaster
        • packages
        • patch
        • powder
        • sachet
        • solutions
        • spray
        • syrups
        • tablets
        • tea
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                Asterisk balm cosmetic gold 4 g



                • Vaseline
                • wax
                • camphor
                • menthol
                • peppermint oil
                • methylsalicylate
                • clove oil
                • cajaput oil
                • eucalyptus oil
                • cinnamon oil

                Asterisk balm cosmetic liquid 6ml

                • mint oil extract
                • juniper oil extract
                • pine bud oil extract
                • eucalyptus essential oil
                • sage essential oil
                • vitamin E.
                • benzalkonium chloride
                • vaseline oil

                Asterisk cosmetic balm 3, 5g

                • camphor (15%)
                • menthol (12%)
                • peppermint essential oil (8%)
                • essential oil of clove (5%)
                • eucalyptus essential oil (5%)
                • Setylsalicylate / turpentine (5%)
                • essential oil of cinnamon (1%)
                • wax
                • Vaseline

                Asterisk cosmetic balm 9 g



                Active ingredients:
                • menthol - 10.625 g
                • camphor - 21.25 g
                • mint oil - 13.1 g
                • clove oil - 5.24 g
                • cornflower oil - 3.17 g
                • cinnamon oil - 1.56 g
                • paraffin
                • wax white
                • Vaseline
                • vaseline oil

                Asterisk nose drops 15 ml



                • vaseline oil
                • eucalyptus, mint
                • sage essential oil
                • juniper oil extract
                • pine bud oil extract
                • vitamin E.
                • benzalkonium chloride

                Asthmophyte phytocomposition 30 ml

                Asthmophyte has a specific anti-asthmatic effect, eliminates asthma attacks and inflammatory processes in the mucous membrane of the bronchial tree.

                Astracitron Broncho Menthol-Eucalyptus lozenges №10

                Astracitron Broncho – a dietary supplement with the taste of menthol and eucalyptus – a source of biologically active substances,

                Astracitron throat Ginger-Honey lozenges №10

                Astracitron throat – a food supplement with the taste of ginger and honey – an additional source of biologically active

                Astracitron throat lemon lozenges №10

                Astracitron throat lemon lozenge is a dietary supplement, an additional source of biologically active ingredients to relieve dryness and sore

                Bazooka Iceland moss syrup for dry and pertussis 120 ml

                Bazooka syrup Iceland moss helps relieve symptoms of cough, and also has immunostimulatory, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, thanks to a

                Bazooka Intens syrup for cough and sore throat 120 ml

                Bazooka Intens syrup has expectorant, mucolytic, antibacterial, antispasmodic, bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to a complex of active ingredients. Bazooka

                Bazooka Ivy syrup for wet cough 120 ml

                Bazooka Ivy syrup helps to relieve cough symptoms, and also has mucolytic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and bronchodilator properties, thanks to

                Breeze capsules of 400 mg №30

                Breeze is a dietary supplement that normalizes the functions of the respiratory system. It has expectorant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiseptic

                Broncho Veda granules for colds and flu in sachets №10

                It is recommended to use as a dietary supplement to the diet – for seasonal colds, which are accompanied by

                Broncho Veda herbal syrup with honey 150 ml

                Broncho Veda herbal syrup with honey – a complex preparation on a natural basis, used to relieve any type of

                Bronchoton cream-balm with menthol and eucalyptus 75ml

                The most unpleasant thing in a cold is a cough, get rid of it is often very difficult, you need

                Bronchovid lollipops with mint taste №20

                BRONCHOVID® lollipops with mint taste – a unique natural drug with multifunctional pharmacological action. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and

                Bronchovid syrup 100 ml

                Bronchovid syrup is a complex herbal preparation used for effective treatment of cough symptoms of various etiologies in children and

                Bronchovid tea granules sachet №10

                Bronchovid tea with honey and lemon flavor is a complex herbal preparation that helps to quickly and effectively relieve the

                Cough syrup based on honey with plantain and ivy 200 ml

                Honey is an ancient remedy for cough, in the syrup of plantain and ivy, it has a strong antiviral effect.

                Cough syrup with plantain 200 ml

                One of the effective methods of treating the symptoms of respiratory diseases is the use of drugs containing extracts of

                Deca Lor tablets 950mg №20

                Dietary supplement to improve the condition of the throat and upper respiratory tract during a cold contains record doses of

                Defla Silver for gargling sachets of 8 g №10

                Defla Silver’s topical mouthwash is effective for colds. The complex combination of components of Deflu Silver rinsing powder has antiviral,

                Deflu powder for oral solution sachet №8

                Deflu powder for making a hot drink based on plant extracts. Relieves colds and coughs, shortens the recovery period for